Saturday, 3 July 2010

Blog Changes

Made a few alterations to the site, hopefully looks a bit better now! More features will be added soon. 


  1. Website looks awesome, great work

  2. Nice Work, I check it everyday, but this is my first post, hope UofM can start pulling in some higher rated players

  3. @Brad I'm really happy with this class so far. We have five three-stars in this class right now. Kevin Sousa and Shawn Conway could probably finish with four years, both are definitely very raw and on the rise. Greg Brown has been a long time commit and doesn't have many other offers, plus he's changing positions to FS this year, so I wouldn't expect his rankings to rise, but he definitely has a lot of potential. Hollowell and Beyer are both obvious beasts. Rock and Miller both might not have as much potential, but they're both solid players. Once we win this year, we'll be pulling in other guys too.