Thursday, 23 December 2010

Buckeyes banned! (really good news)

If you haven't heard already, check this out. 

Pyror can't win the Heisman now, and probably can't win a national title either. This means if he has another standout bowl performance, he could well head to the NFL. Devier Posey and Dan Herron will also now consider entering the draft.

If these three were to leave, or even just Pyror, Michigan would have a GREAT chance to beat OSU next year!  


  1. I'd say we have a better chance to beat OSU next year but I dont really give Pryor much credit on beating us this year. We got torched in run game and were shut down by their superior defense. But yeah it improves our odds greatly. Whats ironic is that MSU will never have had to actually play Pryor. Ever!

  2. Definitely strange that he never played MSU...

    You're right in the fact that OSU didn't need Pyror this year against us, but they will next year in Ann Arbor.

  3. This makes no sense at all, last year Dez Bryant got suspended the whole year for lying about working out with Deion Sanders, no agents or money was involved, and he told the truth a couple of days later. These 5 only got 4 games for their actions. Unbeliveable.