Friday, 24 December 2010

Commitment #14

Kicker Matt Goudis is the latest member of Michigan's 2011 class, after he switched his commitment from Boise State to the Wolverines. This is a good pickup in my view, because whilst Michigan has two kickers on the team right now, neither have proven that they have the composure to kick in front of 113,000+ fans each week.

His kicking coach has described him as the best pure FG kicker in the nation and that he has the mental aspect on kicking down, which is encouraging to say the least. Scout has him as the #5 kicker overall. 

He visited Michigan last month, but after the visit he came out saying he was 100% committed to Boise. Anyway, he clearly isn't worried about RR, so I doubt he'll be leaving Michigan's class before February. 

Full commitment post to follow later.


  1. Gibbons was the only kicker on scholarship, the others who gave it a try this year were walk ons.

  2. Merry Christmas to all who don't cheer for the buckeyes!