Friday, 17 December 2010

Countess Commits!

Four star CB and Army All American Blake Countess is the latest member of Michigan's 2011 recruiting class!  He's either got a lot of faith in Rich Rod to get the job done, or he just loves Michigan for Michigan....I'll guess the latter.

This is a bit like the Desmond Morgan situation, I'm not surprised that he's chosen Michigan, but the timing is strange. Most people thought December would be a dead period for Michigan, but in fact they've picked up two commits! 

Countess was rumored to favor Michigan as soon as they offered, but Georgia Tech was a serious contender after their official visit took place, helped by the fact they had a former teammate of Blake's. This is a nice pickup for Michigan, the cornerback position is officially solid for the next few years, unless the luck there gets even worse.

Possible Scholarship CB's in 2011:

Seniors - Troy Woolfolk

Juniors - J.T Floyd

Sophomores - Cullen Christian, Terrance Talbott, Courtney Avery

Freshman - Delonte Hollowell, Greg Brown, Dallas Crawford, Blake Countess

One, maybe two of these guys will probably end up at Free Safety, but still, the depth in a year or so is going to be very strong. This commitment from Countess should close the door on Daren Kitchen and James Richardson, two Louisiana CB's who both liked Michigan a lot. Full commitment post to follow.


  1. Benji, you said in an earlier post that we could, with a miracle, get Sammy, DeAnthony and HCD, is that down the drain?

  2. Well getting all three is out of the question, but there's a odd chance Michigan could pick up one. Dallas Crawford is visiting Michigan officially on Jan 7th, let's hope he brings Watkins.
    With DeAnthony Arnett, Michigan is really just hoping he has a change of heart. Maybe Justice Hayes can convince him to stay in state. This is probably the least likely of the three.
    Michigan's chances with HCD are also very slim, because we might not even get Dee Hart. There was talk that the Dr Phillips kids might visit Michigan sometime this winter, but that all depends on whether RR sticks around.