Thursday, 23 December 2010

DeVonderick Nealy Update

RB/Slot prospect DeVonderick Nealy has named his two finalists as Michigan and Iowa State, one of which he'll select on signing day in February. Michigan was named the leader a while back, but he loved his visit to Cyclones, and says he wants to surprise people with his decision, so it really could go either way.

If I were a betting on it, I'd say he'll end up at Iowa State, here's why.

Michigan only has around six scholarships left, and you should expect around 3-4 of those to be snapped up in early January by recruits waiting on RR. Also, Michigan already has a slot guy in Justice Hayes, and really they are looking for an outside receiver (Flowers). Prince Holloway is also a slot guy looking to commit to us, he needs academic clearance to get his committable offer first though. So assuming that happens, and that Coach Rod is still around, there might not be room for Nealy in this class.

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