Thursday, 23 December 2010

DT's back on the menu

Don't get your hopes up, but we're not done recruiting stud DT's just yet...

ESPN 150 recruit Tim Jernigan has not dropped Michigan, despite what his coach said a few weeks ago. Jernigan will wait and see what happens to Coach Rod first, and then after the Army game he'll make some cuts if needed.

Coach Smith really made a push for Jernigan before the recruiting dead period started, and Coach Rod will make an in home visit in January. So all hope is not lost for him. Tim will also be looking to observe a Wolverine practice in Jacksonville next week, assuming some are open to the public; perhaps a lucky break for UM.

Darian Cooper is also still on the board. He said himself that Michigan had fallen out of his bubble, but after speaking to the coaches, he'll keep the Wolverines in his top five until the coaching situation is sorted out.

If RR stays, UM is likely to get an official visit, and then they'll really have a shot at landing Cooper. Whilst its still unlikely that Michigan will sign either prospect, its good to still have a chance, as they badly need a DT in this class. 


  1. How much do you think the 3-3-5 affects these decisions? I've heard that some big defensive ends do not like to play in that type of defense.

    Merry Christmas to all

  2. With Jernigan, it could affect him a lot. He's told Michigan that he's been double teamed all his career, so he wants to play in a four man front. UM is trying to convince him that the scheme is versatile, and they do play four man fronts during games - something they will a lot more next year with Martin and Washington.
    Cooper is open to playing in a 3-4, so one would assume he's ok with a 3-3-5. Merry Christmas to you to Steve, thanks for the comments :)

  3. No worries, Greg Robinson is gonna be fired.

  4. It is to my knowledge that Greg Robinson wanted to run a 3-4 hybrid base D, but RR came in and said "no no, we are gonna run a 3-3-5" because thats what he was more fimilar with from his times at WVU. I'm just an accountant, not a defensive expert or anything but at first glance it seems foolish to implement a 3 man front in the big ten with all the corn fed big boys up on the line in big ten. If the 3-3-5 is the stop spread offenses, who we worried about Purdue, Indiana and Northwestern?? Then get bulldozed by OSU, MSU, PSU and Wisky? Just my two cents... I'd really like to see how this defense develops in a couple years but you know how impatient UM fans and alumni are.

  5. I dont see our defense as very appealing to elite D lineman and linebackers. Other than Demens and Fitz at linebacker and Wilkins and Black and Roh at DE, we really have no DTs besides Martin that has shown anything. And realistically you cant really count on freshman and sophs to contribute much on D, so we gotta look at first two recruiting classes of RR for next years hopeful defensive progression. Big Will has been chasing away DT recruits for two years now and now hes not even a DT...