Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Urban Meyer externalities

If you haven't already heard, Urban Meyer has resigned as the head coach of the Florida Gators, after leading them to two national titles in three years. You may wonder why this is coming up on a Michigan recruiting blog, well wonder no more!

- DEE HART - he surprised a lot of people by naming Florida as his alternative choice to Michigan earlier this week, instead of the presumed Alabama. If Meyer is no longer there, does this push Hart back closer to the Wolverines?

- Valdez Showers - the talented Michigan native chose the Gators over UM and MSU earlier this year; will Meyer's departure cause him to re-open his recruitment, and would the Wolverines make a play for a speedy and versatile player? 

- TIM JERNIGAN - an extremely important recruit for a lot of schools; Jernigan may have left Florida out of his top four, but many still expected the Gators to land Jernigan eventually, after all he lives in their backyard and grew up a massive fan of UF. Meyer leaving can only help the Wolverines here.

- The Bowl game? - Yes, believe it or not this news could possibly affect whether Michigan wins it's bowl game. Dan Mullen, the current coach of MSU has to be one of the favorites to take over at Florida, who need his offensive mind back in charge. You can bet he's already got a call from Florida's AD, so would he be tempted to leave MSU before the bowl game? Leaving Michigan to face a team without a coach. 

Interesting news to say the least.


  1. Don't forget the Miami guys like Story, who might leave UM for U of M now that Shannon is gone. BTW how great would Shannon be as our DC? Miami connections + amazing coordinator.

    This could be the best defensive recruiting class Michigan has had in the last decade if we get all the Michigan favorites and steal 1-2 more guys who have us in the mix. Besides the guys already signed (which I know could change with a coaching move) Michigan could end up with these guys:

    D Line: Jernigan (5), Beyer (4), Barnes (4), Rock (3)
    LBs: Frost (4), Jones (4)
    DBs: Walls (4), Lyons (4), Showers (4), Countess (4) Crawford (3), Hollowell (3)Brown (3)

    That's not even including guys that we have a 5% chance at like Ray Drew (who should come to Michigan just to pain up with Jernigan), Doran Grant, Lamar Dawson, Branden Jackson, Mickey Johnson, and Dondi Kirby (who I think we'll go after harder if we dont get Walls/Lyon and at 6'3 could be an immediate red zone starter).

  2. There are a lot of good prospects left on the board defensively, thats for sure. But a few of those are real long shots. I think Dondi Kirby cut Michigan a while back, and Doran Grant is down to MSU and OSU. Branden Jackson probably won't visit, and Mickey Johnson is going to be a tough one to get on campus too.

    Randy Shannon is a great D-Coordinator, but he doesn't run the 3-3-5, so I doubt RR will even ask him unless he's willing to let him run a 4-3. And maybe Shannon still wants to be a head coach.