Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Quick Updates

- Firstly, Jordan Payton announced on Twitter that he won't be announcing today. This is certainly not the end of the world for Michigan, it's more of a smart move on his part. By waiting a week or so he'll let the ND visit emotions cool down, and then he can make a purely rational decision. I still think he'll end up at Michigan.

- Zach Banner has said that Oklahoma was his top visit so far, and with favorites Washington to still come, as well as USC, this does not bode well for Michigan at all. This might explain why we've offered OL Alex Kozan recently.

- Joshua Garnett will apparently take his official visit for the Nebraska game instead of the OSU one. This is a shame in my view because he won't get to see the Big House really in full swing. Whilst I'm sure the crowd will provide a good atmosphere vs the Huskers, nothing quite compares to the Game.


  1. Cross your fingers for Payton. I'm not holding my breath on the other two.

  2. Garnett:
    "I'm going to Michigan on Nov. 19 when they play Nebraska," Garnett said. "I'm also going to visit Miami at some point also. I'm thinking pretty seriously about visiting Oklahoma too."

    I guess the good news in this is that he has already set up a visit with UM, even before setting one up with Oklahoma.

  3. If UM can't land these 3 recruits what is the back up plan. I know UM is in the running for Darboh, Powe, and Chesson. And I have to think that Banner and Garnett are real long shots now thats why they offered Kozan. So if UM can't land Payton, Banner and or Garnett where does UM sit with these other guys? I am asking because we thought Payton and others were a lock now we are not so sure. I would hate to think UM has these other guys in our back pocket and nobody told them.

  4. This is funny USC is saying ND quit early in there game Saturday. That was about the players and Coaches thats a tough thing to take.

  5. USC definitely smacked ND in the mouth in pretty much all facets of that game...I think it's a good thing that Payton is taking more time to reflect on his ND visit. I've been to Notre Dame a few times and I hate them because they're our rivals, BUT the tradition running through that place definitely gets to you. That will die off and a week from now or whenever Payton decides the lasting memories of his visits will be a Michigan victory in the game of the year under the lights over ND and ND's team getting punched in the mouth against USC (who he decommitted from).

  6. Two-way lineman Arik Armstead (Elk Grove, Calif./Pleasant Grove) took his first official visit of the year this past weekend to Notre Dame and had nothing but positive things to say about the trip.

    “I had a real good time,” Armstead said. “I fit in really well there, and I think Notre Dame is definitely a school I can see myself at. I had some questions coming in and they were all answered. I got to know the coaching staff better and that was important, and I loved the game day atmosphere. It was electric in there and when all the recruits walked in to the stadium, the fans started going crazy and everyone knew who we were.

    “Everyone was waving towels and was really in to the game. Coach [Brian] Kelly said one of the things he wanted to do was get the fans louder and more involved, and I think that was definitely the case. I watched the defensive line closely and they run both a 4-3 and a 3-4. They have some good young lineman but they’re not afraid to play freshman and I think I would have a good shot to come in and play right away and that’s important.”

  7. I know this is Payton's brother talking in this article, but it sounds to me like ND is in the lead.

    “I really believe that Notre Dame is a great school for him, me personally,” he said. “As his older brother, it’s probably the best school for him.”

    “He thought Notre Dame was probably the best college that he had been to,” Michael said. “It reminded him the most of Oaks Christian, but like three times better is what he said.”

    “He talked about a speech that one coach gave about the academics and how they have a 99 percent graduation rate,” Michael said. “This coach put so much passion and heart into that speech that it made him believe that it’s more than football.

    “I’ll never be any more proud,” he said. “I think Notre Dame is the pinnacle of football to me.”


  8. Also, as much as some of us would like to think that ND losing to USC hurt their chances with these kids, its probably not true. Remember ND pulled in the #2 class in the nation after a 3-9 season. They also managed to land Manti Teo whos official visit was during a snowstorm game in which ND lost to a 2-8 Syracuse team and the students were throwing snowballs at the players.

  9. Any word on when Payton is going to decide now?

  10. JLaBelle: I think he is deciding at the Army AA game